Hi everyone! My name is Elisabetta and I come from a school named “My Tantra Academy”. I run a holistic center in Cafaggio, a small town located in the Tuscan province of Livorno.

I perform several different holistic and vibrational treatments. In particular, I have been trained to teach Tantra Massage. Tantra massage is not sex. It is not erotism either. It is more of a spiritual practice on the receiver.
When I perform Tantra, I keep my clothes on and open my heart to communicate with the Universe. Whoever receives the massage will feel relieved and energetically realigned on their chakras.
Tantra is the only massage where the body is kept intact and pure as it was when you were born, and all its parts are treated. I also work on the first chakra to reactivate Kundalini primary energy, that is the sexual energy, in order to let it get to the heart, through the deep breath of the receiver.
Each session of Tantra lasts from 60 to 90 minutes and is suitable for both men and women. Tantra is for all those tormented souls who are screaming for help. I am here to assist you in any way I can...


Who is Elizabeth 
In August 2013 I created this place, this environment located in Cecina (LI), Tuscany, is sacred for me.
I come from a national school named “My Tantra Academy” and I had an association. Now I am freelance.
I tried to give to those who come to me, a serene environment, a sort of another dimension able to keep the 
world out of the door. When entering in my studio, you will feel peace, serenity and hospitality…and you will 
find yourself…not an easy task, especially nowadays that we are always in a hurry.
I think you can find a time for yourself enjoying meditation and finding energy and well-being (hence the 
name of my studio), but it's up to you and only if you want to receive this feeling. Many are agitated, 
stressed, no longer breathe life. If it is good or bad does not matter. .. you do not breathe more…
Tthere are those who cannot sit still, relaxed, not even 15 minutes.... you realize the degree of stress you
have in there? During the massages there is no talking, there's not conversation. . . .. the mind should be 
detached in order to achieve the best results. During the treatments or at the end of a massage you can talk, 
share the experience.
I know that in silence many fears emerge, many energy blocks are felt, especially in the pit of the stomach 
(3rd chakra). I hear you. . .. let them go, accept them... we are in this dimension to learn to open our hearts, 
to love ourselves.
Those who want to see me in my Studio Holistic in Cecina, is welcome, come with humility! It essential to 
make an appointment, I haven’t a massage center nor a beauty center.


If you are intrigued by Tantra I would suggest you to read a few books of Osho, who teaches religion, does 

not teach sex. . . .. but life, it teaches us to live in complete totality.


My certificates:

 2011 certificate - college Tuscan expert consultants

       (operator disciplines wellness and bio natural) disciplines tantric

 2011 certificate - my tantra academy

       Course 32 hours massage tantra

 2012 certificate coni acsi

       Technical instructor, 2nd degree in holistic disciplines / eastern disciplines

 2013 certficate reiki 1 st degree

        Usui Reiki system for natural healing (reiki master Elena Baldacci)

 2014 certificate Tuscan excellences

      (the register of PIVH made in italy) Id anti counterfeiting n. 2521

 2014 Andcan shamanic path “guardian of Mother Earth”

          Da Eduardo A. Muscarà - priest shaman araucano