The Sanskrit word to define the male sexual organ is Lingam and is usually translated as "Wand of Light". 
channels are creative and pleasure. 
What is the pleasure of tantric massage lingam? Only through an approach of love to the lingam, your 
pleasure can be intensified and your sexual problems healed. The massage begins as a ritual, it starts from 
massaging your head up to the rest of the body with different massage technique and it continues with the 
touch of the lingam. This will surprise you and you will feel sensations really different by strength and 
The sequence of this massage is the supreme art of touch surfing on the waves of pleasure. You will feel an
intense heat on your skin and you will experience the depth of your spirituality in a much more intimate way. 
You will learn how to control your breath and release energy exploding in new sensations of tantric pleasure.
This is really helpful because in this way you can open your mind by learning how to expand your sexual 
The classic tantric massage lasts no less than 45/60 minutes and may include, if required, a healthy prostate 
massage. It is important to underline that orgasm is not the goal of the lingam massage. This kind of massage 
also affects the testicles, perineum and prostate. Men usually need to learn to relax and receive and the 
lingam massage allows them to try a form of pleasure to which they are not used. This will make men more 
receptive since they will experience pleasure from a new perspective
The art of tantra teaches that there are many nerve endings in the lingam, which correspond to other parts 
of the body. For this reason it is believed that many diseases can be cured by a good lingam massage. By an 
energetic point of view during the massage the energy is carried in the whole body, from part to part and in 
order to full enjoy this kind of massage it is important to control your breathing.
I run this only during a massage tantric massage. Please not that any other request will not be considered 
and, if necessary, the message will be interrupted before the scheduled time!! I remind you that it is not a 
sexual service so keep a natural attitude, be kind, control your breathing and enjoy your sensations.